quality control by press play media

Press Play provides stringent, multi-layered QC. We undertake QC not just for adherence to technical specs, but also to regulatory guidelines (like a broadcaster’s S & P) as well as the identification of creative errors (like a boom mic showing in a frame). Above all else Press Play works to ensure that creative owner's content meets the highest standards in today's post industry.

For content owners, timing is everything when it comes to QC. Errors (whether technical, structural or creative) missed early on in the content life cycle tend to perpetuate along the workflow. This can result in huge financial repercussions. For instance, the loss faced from recalling Blu-rays across the world is far greater than the cost of conducting a Master QC. Thus, QC can potentially save a content owner hundreds of thousands of dollars. A QC by Press Play ensures a quality outcome.


selected clients include

Showtime, A&E Network, Technicolor, and Amazon